Himalayan Salt Lamp – Prosperity Basket

//Himalayan Salt Lamp – Prosperity Basket

Himalayan Salt Lamp – Prosperity Basket


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Enjoy this beautiful lit basket with natural salt crystals. Illuminates any room with a unique glow.


  • Soothes the atmosphere in the room and protects your body from electronic devices and electric towers that produce harmful positive ions.
  • Helps recharge your body with negative ions especially in the winter time.
  • Antiseptic – protects from colds and germs
  • Ideal for feng shui lovers.
  • Use as a night stand or as decorative piece for the house or room.

For best results, leave the salt lamp constantly on.

Please note: Sizes and color shades might be different from lamp to lamp due to the fact that this product comes from nature and made of real salt.

Electric cord and light bulb included.

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