Himalayan Table Salt – Fine Salt for Cooking and Seasoning – 250g -500g -1Kg -2.5kg -4.5kg

//Himalayan Table Salt – Fine Salt for Cooking and Seasoning – 250g -500g -1Kg -2.5kg -4.5kg

Himalayan Table Salt – Fine Salt for Cooking and Seasoning – 250g -500g -1Kg -2.5kg -4.5kg



Himalayan pink salt is mined from ancient sea beds, so it is pure from modern environmental toxins. It provides a whopping 84 trace minerals, plus a unique ionic energy that is released when the salt is mixed with water.

Add it to your food, salads, cooking and water.

Please consult your physician before use.

Product Description

Edible Himalayan Pink Salt

Want the simplest way to enjoy the health benefits of Himalayan salt? Just swap Himalayan salt for the refined stuff in your salt shaker!

Misinformed dietitians warn the public to decrease dietary sodium. Studies tell us that this is dangerous advice, since sodium restriction is associated with increased mortality and insulin resistance

The health benefits of Himalayan pink salt include: 

  • Supporting thyroid and adrenal function
  • Aiding in overall hormone balance for men and women
  • Supports a healthy and fiery metabolism
  • Contains over 84 trace minerals vital for well-being
  • Is required to make adequate stomach acid

Himalayan pink salt should be freely enjoyed. (If you have kidney disease, however, it is recommended that you work with a health practitioner when increasing salt, unrefined or not.) Salt your food to taste, and maybe a little more! 

Add a pinch of Himalayan pink salt to all your beverages to improve hydration.

Add Himalayan Salt to your salads, soups, BBQ’s and all other foods. ENJOY!

Beware of the “sea salt” scam

You’ve probably noticed a lot of processed salt companies now claiming to offer “sea salt.” The truth is, virtually all salt is sea salt because it all came from the sea at one time or another in the Earth’s history.

The term “sea salt” is essentially meaningless. White processed salt can still be called “sea salt” even though it is devoid of full-spectrum sea minerals.

The way to tell if your salt is really full-spectrum salt is to look at the color. If it’s pure white, it’s not full-spectrum. White salt is just like white sugar: It’s missing the key supporting minerals and nutrients your body needs.

Full-spectrum salt always has a non-white color. Celtic Sea Salt, for example (which is really good salt) has a brownish sandy color. Our Pink Himalayan salt is a sort of sandy rose color. All the truly natural full-spectrum salts are sandy or brownish in color.

Additional Information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 10 cm

1kg, 2.5kg, 250g, 4.5kg, 500g


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